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Devtrac Site Visits sample

Created 2014-11-04, Last Modified 2016-10-20
Agizibwe Rweza and support using Unicef funding was pledged.Thanks to UNICEF Uganda for her increased use of technology.UNICEF supports the unit to handle child abuse cases.UNICEF supported hospital to initiate in-patient therapeutic feeding unit through UEC/UCS - UNICEF PCAUNICEF also supported extension of GFS water to the school.
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Sierra Leone NERC Ebola Care Facilities Master List

Created 2017-04-02
CCC Open 12/1/14 UNICEF/World Hope 8 8 Updates from UNICEF No 9.2431199335 -12.2908592442 UNICEF 2/3/CCC Open 12/31/14 UNICEF/Marie Stopes 8 8 Updates from UNICEF No 9.133202557 -12.8448534855 UNICEF 2/CCC Open 1/1/15 UNICEF/Marie Stopes 8 8 Updates from UNICEF No 9.2908270158 -12.6787235202 UNICEF 2/3CCC Open 12/31/14 UNICEF/Marie Stopes 8 8 Updates from UNICEF No 8.9313756881 -13.1440172381 UNICEF 2CCC Under Construction UNICEF/PIH 8 Updates from UNICEF No UNICEF 1/6/15 ERROR:#REF!
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UNICEF Sanitation Facilities Donation to Schools in 2014

Created 2015-06-07, Last Modified 2016-09-13
selected across the state which are beneficiaries to the hand wash sanitation facilities donated by UNICEFUNICEF Sanitation Facilities Donation to Schools in 2014
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Vulnerable children in Tanzania

Created 2018-03-15
CDC, & UNICEF. (2011).UNAIDS, UNICEF, & WHO. (2008).UNICEF. (2001).UNICEF. (2006a).UNICEF. (2006b).
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What is the stock level of ORS (marker for diarrhoea)?

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Malnutrition estimates 2017

Created 2018-02-13
Report to UNICEF.Government of Kenya and Unicef.New York: UNICEF, 2004.UNICEF. 2016.In: UNICEF Connect [online].
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Do both the community and school have access to the water source at the health facility?

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Are all of the health professionals who are supposed to be at this health facility at work today?

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