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Sunderland Dentists

Created 2015-11-10, Last Modified 2017-01-10
Sunderland Dentists
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Thurrock Dentists

Created 2015-11-10, Last Modified 2016-12-21
This dataset shows the locations of Dentists in Thurrock.Thurrock Dentists
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Created 2015-11-10, Last Modified 2016-12-20
Dataset showing Dentists located with the Councils administrative area.Individual Dentists are recorded as points.Dentists
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Staff per practice: Germany, date, type of\ ntätigkeit, praxisform, nature of the activity pursu...

Created 2015-11-05, Last Modified 2016-03-25
physicians;Technical assistants, medical assistants;Technical assistants, medical assistants;Employed dentistsand assistant dentists;Employed dentists and assistant dentists;Dental assistants;Dental assistants;owners Unpaid family workers Employed physicians Technical assistants, medical assistants Employed dentistsand assistant dentists Dental assistants Dental technicians Receptionists and consulting-room assistants
Tags: 500 000 EUR und mehrAngestellte Zahnärzte und AssistenzzahnärzteAngestellte ÄrzteAssistenten und Tiermedizinische FachangestellteAugenheilkundeAuszubildendeBehandlung von Groß- und KleintierenBehandlung von GroßtierenBehandlung von KleintierenChirurgie

Dental Working Hours - Motivation Analysis

Created 2015-08-27, Last Modified 2017-06-02
13 and 2013/14 Motivation Analysis provides information on the motivation and morale of primary care dentiststime that this report has been produced for the series, which investigates the relationship between dentistsThe results relate to dentists with varying levels of self- employment earnings from both NHS and privateAll dentists included in the analysis for the report answered every motivation and morale questionDifferences between groups and sub-group of dentists may not be statistically significant, neitherreasons (for example, the results are only based on those dentists that worked for a full year, notIn previous surveys, all dentists who recorded more than 80 hours of work per week had their entire

NHS Dental Statistics for England: Workforce Data

Created 2015-11-10, Last Modified 2017-09-04
Information on the number of dentists who have carried out NHS activity during the year.Dentists can work under a number of contracts: - General Dental Services (GDS) providers must provide- Trust-led Dental Services (TDS) can provide services under PDS agreements and then pay dentists directly
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Rural services data series 2010

Created 2015-11-10, Last Modified 2016-12-20
Banks and building societies Retail Locations Supermarkets Retail Locations Area > 3000sq m NHS Dentists173 309 153 11% 6296 48661 54957 Convenience Stores 148 463 994 6382 6 51 86 23 21% 1748 6405 8153 Dentists5897 46719 6296 48661 2656 18353 73% 61% Cashpoints (free) 1743 23004 2576 28662 2923 28122 Dentists399 1942 2341 6.8% 4.2% 4.4% Convenience Stores 1674 6177 7851 1748 6405 8153 74 228 302 4% 4% 4% DentistsBanks and building societies Retail Locations Supermarkets Retail Locations Area > 3000sq m NHS Dentists
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Homelessness Services Resource Directory - Health

Created 2015-02-20, Last Modified 2015-10-05
This consists of GPs, Homeless Families Healthcare service, Podiatry, Dietician, Occupational Therapy, Dentists
Tags: GP surgeryHomeless Families Health Care Serviceaddiction servicesdentistmental healthpodiatrysubstance misuse