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Primary Care Reimbursement Service - Contractor Report

Created 2017-08-29, Last Modified 2017-11-07
The report content captures the number of GPs, Pharmacists, Dentists and Opticians who hold a contract/East Limerick 31 Dentists Mar-2017 LHO 22 - North Tipp./East Limerick 31 Dentists Apr-2017 LHO 22 - North Tipp./East Limerick 31 Dentists May-2017 LHO 22 - North Tipp./East Limerick 31 Dentists Jun-2017 LHO 22 - North Tipp./East Limerick 31 Dentists Jul-2017 LHO 22 - North Tipp.
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Created 2017-01-11, Last Modified 2017-03-10
Properties identified as being Dentists in 2008, for the Sustainable Environment Assessment
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Spend over £25,000 in Sandwell PCT

Created 2017-01-12
PMS: Gudi & Gudi,A1 OCT 10,"22,578.00", Department of Health,Sandwell PCT,01/11/2010,PCT ADDITIONS,DentistsPilot,A1 OCT 10,"24,113.00", Department of Health,Sandwell PCT,01/11/2010,GENERAL DENTAL SERVICES,DentistsSingh,A1 OCT 10,"25,369.00", Department of Health,Sandwell PCT,01/11/2010,GENERAL DENTAL SERVICES,DentistsTyler,GMS - Oct,"67,995.72", Department of Health,Sandwell PCT,01/11/2010,PERSONAL DENTAL SERVICES,DentistsPMS P,A1 OCT 10,"133,135.00", Department of Health,Sandwell PCT,02/11/2010,GENERAL DENTAL SERVICES,Dentists
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Doctors & Dentists Datamart (DDDM)

Created 2017-01-10, Last Modified 2017-07-03
identifiers provided by the HSC Information Centre for health and social care for sample of GPs and dentistsDoctors & Dentists Datamart (DDDM)

Southend Dentists

Created 2017-01-11, Last Modified 2017-01-12
Southend Dentists
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Dental amalgam waste (mercury) - P2 Notice

Created 2017-12-28
of Results Before the publication of the Notice, it was estimated in 2009 that there were 18 705 dentistsTherefore, we can assume the 3% of dentists who do not know if they have an ISO-certified separator actuallyThe data obtained showed that 27% of the dentists surveyed used ISO-certified dental amalgam separatorsThe data obtained showed that 70% of dentists used ISO-certified dental amalgam separators, resultingThe data obtained showed that 97% of dentists used ISO-certified dental amalgam separators resulting

Northern Ireland Family Practitioner Services Statistical Report

Created 2017-01-07, Last Modified 2017-04-15
It examines the number of GPs, Dentists, Optometrists and Pharmacies and related service statistics
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Business Licences Archive

Created 2017-09-01, Last Modified 2018-04-05
,Professional Practitioner - Orthodontist,401,15127,100 Ave,V3R0N9,6043656636,GTC,621210,Offices of Dentists,Professional Practitioner-Dentist,405,15127,100 Ave,V3R0N9,6045851304,GTC,621210,Offices of Dentists,Professional Practitioner-Dentist,101,15129,100 Ave,V3R9P4,7789910106,GTC,621210,Offices of DentistsPeter Y K Chan Inc,Part-time Dentist,101,15129,100 Ave,V3R9P4,6045854980,GTC,621210,Offices of Dentists,Professional Practitioner-Dentist,101,10216,128 St,V3T2Z3,6045854466,SCC,621210,Offices of Dentists,
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Care quality commission care directory

Created 2017-03-03, Last Modified 2017-03-06
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Disaster Healthcare Volunteers (DHV)

Created 2017-06-16, Last Modified 2017-06-27
professionals who may wish to volunteer during disaster including doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, dentistsprofessionals who may wish to volunteer during disaster including doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, dentists
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